Victoria Regional Airport FAQ 

Q. What is the ticket price each way to and from Dallas / Victoria, Texas?

A. Ticket price will be $100 each way.


Q. How do I book a flight?

A. You can book flights by going to or by calling 1-877-359-7595. Corporate travel can through all traditional travel agencies. The air carrier's code is P1.


Q. What are the airport codes for Victoria and Dallas.

A. Victoria Regional Airport airport code is VCT, Dallas airport code is DFW.


Q. How can I be notified of special promotions, discounts, etc.?

A. The easiest way is to join our email list and/or "like" us on Facebook at Flyvictoriatx. Ask an agent how to sign up!


Q. Are there any baggage fees?

A. Yes. Your first checked bag is free, providing that it weighs less than 30lbs. Each additional checked bag and/or bags exceeding 30lbs. are $25.00 each. Bags in excess of 50lbs may be unable to travel.


Q. Can you guarentee my flight won't get canceled?

A. There are always factors that can prevent a flight from occurring on time (or at all),such as weather, air traffic control, mechanical issues, etc. We typically far exceed the industry standard of 85% on-time completion. Your satisfaction regarding on-time performance is amongst our highest priorities.


Q. How many seats are on the aircraft?

A. The BAE 3200 Jetstream has 19 available seats.


Q. How many pilots will be on the airplane?

A. A pilot and co-pilot are necessary to operate the aircraft.


Q. Is the plane wheelchair/ADA accessible?

A. Yes. Wheelchair lifts and assistance will be provided. Passengers who need a wheelchair from their departing airport may request one from Check-In or Gate staff at the airport while checking in on the day of travel. Should a wheelchair be needed at their arriving airport gate, passengers should notify the check-in staff from their departing airport, who in turn will notify the arriving airport. Please call 877-359-7595 for more details or to add this information into an existing reservation.


How long is the flight to Dallas?

Flight is about an hour.


Q. Is there a passenger weight limit per person?

A. Passengers with special needs or who require assistance at the airport or in flight may note this in the memo field if booking on-line. We will do our best to ensure our passengers are accomodated with their special needs. Please call 877-359-7595 for more details or to add this information into an existing reservation.


Q. What's the name of the new carrier and what is their history?

A. The official name of the carrier is Public Charters, Inc. We are working on branding the service as Texas Sky so you may see that name in conjuction with Public Charters. Public Charters, Inc. is headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania, they have been offering charter flights since 1999. They charter aircraft to provide air transportation by offering regularly scheduled public charter flights or individual chartered flights. Public Charters focuses on markets that are under served by major airlines' scheduled services. While Public Charter flights provide passengers with added  convenience and amenities, pricing is competitive with the major airlines. Their goal is to create a convenient and pleasurable travel experience for each customer.



Q. Does the Airport System offer Free Wi-Fi Internet access?

A. Yes. Victoria Regional Airport offers its passengers Free Wi-Fi Internet access. 

Q. What are the technical requirements for accessing this Wi-Fi service?

A. To access this service, passengers will need a Wi-Fi card or mobile device embedded with Wi-Fi technology.
No configuration required; your Wi-Fi/network card or mobile device should locate and connect automatically to 
the Airports Wireless Network. 

Q. What is the connectivity speed of the Wi-Fi service?

A. Depending on your location within the terminal you may experience speeds 50 - 142 times faster than standard dialup.