Arriving Prior

You will need to arrive 1 hour prior to your flight boarding Victoria Regional Airport and 2 hours prior to boarding your flight at Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport.


Travel Tips

Tips For Packing Your Luggage

  • Pack undeveloped film and cameras with film in your carry-on.
  • Keep your valuables in your carry-on. This includes jewelry, laptop computers and cash.
  • Have medications and prescriptions also in your carry-on.
  • Leave checked luggage unlocked or use a TSA-approved lock.
  • Travelers are allowed one carry-on and one personal item.
  • Know what items are permitted and prohibited. Click here for the TSA list.

For more information please visit or call toll-free at 1-866-289-9673.

Come Prepared And Know What to Expect

  • Bring government-issued ID. Check with your airline for any ID requirements for passengers under the age of 18.
  • To help ensure a smooth security screening process please remove jewelry and other metallic items from your person prior to the security checkpoint.
  • Have your boarding pass and government-issued ID ready for security personnel.
  • You may be directed to remove your shoes as part of the screening process.
  • All passenger bags will be screened and possibly hand-searched.
  • Passengers may be pat-down or hand-wanded at the security checkpoint and at boarding gates. You may also be randomly selected for additional screening. To ensure passenger safety, please comply with security personnel instructions.
  • Ticketed passengers and authorized personnel are the only individuals allowed past security checkpoints.

For more detailed information and requirements please visit the TSA website.

FAA also provides travelers with guidelines, tips, and assistance regarding current security measures implemented. Please visit for more information.